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Standard and Pro Models

The SOL and SOL PRO from Scan Dimension are affordable 3D scanners and available from Allied Images Ltd.SOLPRO3DscannerScannerheadcloseupScanDimension1000.png

SOL, user-friendly 3D scanner for small and mid-size objects.
For hobbyists, makers, educators and entrepreneurs.  0.1 mm accuracy

SOL PRO 3D scanner for small and mid-size objects with precision, colormatch and texture.
Fully automated 3D scanner for professional use. 0.05 mm accuracy



The Scan Dimension 3D scanners are designed for small to mid-size objects. The only scanners on the market that empowers one-touch simplicity, intuitive software and delivers impressive scans. The whole process is automated:

Just Calibrate, Scan and Mesh.

Meanwhile, just sit-back and enjoy the system working for you..
Expect great results, ready to be saved or shared with others all for for a great price.


The SOL PRO 3D scanner from Scan Dimension is a high accuracy desktop inspection scanner for objects 20-170 mm in height and diameter. Use it to inspect volume, surface area or product shapes and sizes by comparing the scanned 3D models with originals or CAD drawings. The scanner uses a combination of true laser space conversion and white light technology. Texture and colors are captured with a camera with an 8 MP optically compensated resolution.

  • Lightweight desktop 3D scanner for easy inspection of objects sized 20 to 170 mm in height and diameter.
  • Scan in high accuracy up to 0.05 mm (50 microns)
  • Surface area and volume always calculated
  • Fully automated scanning process from calibration to meshing with included software
  • Options for scanning dark surfaces, unsteady objects and to exclude texture to get the result you need


The SOL 3D scanner provides significant value for 3D technology enthusiasts and hobbyists.
The included easy-to-use software provide integrated calibration and automated scanning and post-processing, such as global point cloud alignment and mesh reconstruction and texturing.
SOL includes the hardware, software, tent, cover, cables and a sample object (rubber duck).
The SOL 3D scanner provides an affordable, easy-to-use solution for creating digital copies of real-world objects.

Software Included

The SOL 3D scanners include software to Scan-to-model, Scan-to-print and Scan-to-share

System Requirements

  • Supported operating systems Windows 11 and 10 64-bit (x64) / MacOS Mojave, or newer
  • Graphics card Minimum 2 GB memory, must support OpenGL 3.3 or higher (Support for OpenCL 1.2 or higher is recommended)
  • Recommended hardware 2.4 GHz processor, 8 cores (16 logical processors) 32 GB RAM, 100 GB free disk space (system drive)
  • Minimum hardware 2.9 GHz processor, 4 cores (8 logical processors),16 GB RAM, 25 GB free disk space (system drive)
  • Power input USB 3.0 (maximum 800 mA)
  • Internet Required
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