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M-Files provides an intelligent information management solution that enables a Smarter Way to Work by delivering connected content and intelligent automation. M-Files increases the productivity of knowledge workers, ensures a seamless digital experience, strengthens collaboration, facilitates business continuity, and reduces risk while enabling firms to evolve and innovate in a digital, work-from-anywhere world.

M-Files unique metadata foundation and pervasive AI supports powerful tools for search, content lifecycle management and automated workflows.


Find and use documents easilyMF Plan

When you can instantly access the information you need, every time you need it, then there’s nothing that can hold you down. Give your business powerful potential with a metadata-⁠driven document management platform built to boost productivity.

Complete Work Efficiently

Automated document management workflows drive better business outcomes. Find the results you’re looking for with a metadata-⁠driven platform designed to eliminate errors and boost productivity.

Supports all applications and file typesM-filesUses.jpg

M-Files supports literally every Windows application.
Simply use the standard Save and Open commands to save to and open from the vault, whether in the cloud or on-premise, the experience is identical.
Every file type is supported, including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, Emails, CAD files, Quickbooks files, images and pictures and everything else.

Collaborate Securely

Together, we can go farther, faster. You’ll be amazed at the speed of business when you bring customers and employees together in collaborative workspaces. Share information instantly and securely with the only metadata-⁠driven document platform.

Regulatory compliance

Stay compliant with regulations and avoid costly penalties with M-⁠Files’ metadata-⁠driven document management platform.
Reduce risk by ensuring compliance, information security, accuracy, and auditability.

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