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Allied Images have a large format scanning service to scan all types of large originals.

Using our extensive range of large format scanners we can scan all types of large items including plans, maps and artwork.

Roll Fed Graphics ScanningHDUltra

The Contex HD Ultra i4290s scanner is the worlds best scanner for large format graphics with accurate colour capture and motorised thick media of 15mm which allows for scanning of mounted originals on board.

Roll Fed Plan Scanning

The Contex IQ Quattro 4490 is a high speed Technical Graphics and CAD scanner and used to scan mono and colour CAD plans with crisp and sharp images. 

A1 Flatbed Scanningkurabo stand

Traditionally difficult to scan Documents or Artwork can now be easily captured as a high quality digital image using our Kurabo A1 flatbed scanner.
The scanner doesn’t move or transport the artwork in any manner, making it ideal for valuable artwork, rare antiquities, manuscripts etc.
Data can be saved onto various storage devices.
Ideal for securely archiving originals or for capturing for reproduction printing.

Specialist Book Scanningbookdrive mk2 02

We have a range of scanners so we can scan your valuable books from A4 to A2 page size

Trade Scanning

Scanning bureau customers may sometimes need the specialist services of Allied Images with originals that cannot be scanned with their scanners. Contact us for details.

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