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FlexScan Microfilm and Fiche Production Scanners

The ultimate for high performance microfilm and fiche capture.

FlexScan Microfilm Microfiche Scanner

FlexScan roll and fiche scanner.

NextScan is a world leader in cutting edge technology for the micrographics conversion and document management industry.
Incorporated in 2002, nextScan was established to give the microfilm and microfiche conversion market a high performance alternative to existing technologies. NextScan and ST Imaging joined forces in December 2015 to give products that fulfil the reader/printer and production markets.

 FlexScan 3 in 1 scanner - roll, fiche and aperture cards

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FlexScan is a multi-format Production Microfilm Scanner to give you the best solution for your conversion projects.
This powerful system can handle the unique properties of microfilm and aperture card scanning including:
  • Scan speeds up to 800 ppm – speeds up to 600 ppm when employing autoloader
  • Scanning high density images
  • Deskewing of images on microfiche or roll film
  • Multiple output formats including PDF/A
  • Handles all standard fiche formats and custom sizes up to 5x8inches
  • Patented LuminTec – ultimate image quality from a strobed illumination system
  • Ribbon scanning software for guaranteed image capture and detection
  • Single fiche scanning or optional autoloader for unattended scanning (see FlexLoader below)
  • Includes NextStar Plus workflow Software the industry technology lead
  • Simultaneous capture and output, maximized throughput
  • QA/Audit during or after the scan, from multiple workstations

FlexLoader - the ultimate for fiche production

The FlexLoader is an attachment for the FlexScan Fiche Module.
It handles standard fiche, jackets, Jumbo Fiche (same as Ultra Fiche), Mini Fiche (3″ x5″) and Aperture Cards.
If additional formats are required we can design and supply new inserts for any transparency up to 8″ x 5″.LoaderRed 248x300
The unit requires minimal service, as there are very few moving parts.
Add a Flex Loader to a FlexScan Fiche system and you have the fastest fiche and Aperture Card scanning platform in the world. Key features are;
  • Un-matched fiche separation ability,
  • Reliable load and unload,
  • Very fast load/unload cycle time as little as 3 seconds,
  • Quiet gentle operation,
  • No tearing jacketed fiche apart,
  • Frees up operators for other tasks,
  • One Operator, Many scanners,
  • Input hopper capacity: 200 Microfiche / 180 Film Jackets / 100 Aperture Cards.
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