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A new concept in how to scan and works the way you want.SmallSDOneMF36LowStandFrontWiFi

Onboard 7" multi-touch tablet with printer integration.

The NEW SD One MF scanner is a new concept in how to scan and works the way you want. There are a number of new features listed below and replaces the popular MFP2GO Solutions.

The SD One MF is not just a scanner but a full multi-function solution with 24", 36" and 44" width models and a fully integrated 7" multi-touch controller allowing you a new way to mark up drawings and scan-to-copy, email, network folders, FTP and local USB.

Key featuresSmallSDOneMFHandTouchScreen.png

  • Full range of 24", 36" and 44" scan widths.
  • Gigabit Ethernet and WiFi interfaces.
  • Add to an existing printer to give a full scan, copy and print MFP Solution.
  • User friendly and intuitive 7" multi-touch screen solution.
  • Annotation tools are included to scan and mark up without having to print.
  • Scan direct to USB memory.
  • Scan to a shared network folder - including Mac networks.

SD One MF is the only WiFi enabled large format scanner.Wi fi logo blue

Having both Gigabit Ethernet and WiFi the SD One MF is the only WiFi enabled large format scanner. New technology allows you to scan direct to most devices.

Large Format Printer supportSDOneMF36 with Low and High Stands

HP, Canon and Epson drivers are included so can connect directly to your choice of printer.and has a choice of low or high stand or can just sit on a desk or even printer.

Click here for the full list of printers that are supported with SD One MF.

Scan direct to USB

The SD One MF has a USB3 port so you can scan direct to USB memory.SmallSDOneMFUSB.png

SD One MF replaces...

  • MFP2GO 24", 36" and 44" Solutions
  • OEM Tablet based MFP solutions such as HP DesignJet T1120 SD-MFP
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