ContexLogoprovides a range of professional Scanner solutions to ensure that you find a combination that suits your workflow - from occasional walk-up copying, printing and scanning in the office, to high-volume operator-driven services in reprographic departments, copy shops and printing and scanning service centres.

SD One MF changing the future of Scanners and Solutions.
24, 36 and 44-inch wide scanner range with onboard tablet controller with Gigabit Ethernet and WiFi. 
Support for selected HP, Canon and Epson large format printers. Shown with a Canon Pro printer.


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ScanStation Pro is designed for performance and are the ultimate Contex solution for scanning bureaux, repro centres and scanning professionals.
They incude IQ Quattro X 44", HD Ultra X 36", 42" and 60" scanners.
Included is a low or high stand with 21.5" touch monitor and powered by the latest Nextimage5 Repro Scan and Copy software.

 HD Ultra ScanStation PRO no document

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Turn your large printer into a powerful MFP Repro solution or use as a powerful scan solution.
Includes IQ Quattro X 44 & 36 -inch scanner with HIGH or LOW stand and 21.5" touch monitor with Nextimage Repro software.
A comprehensive range of printers  are supported including HP, Canon and Epson.
Shown with a HP printer.

 IQ Quattro 44 MFP Repro HP

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