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Apex Aerial Scanner

The latest for precision and performance with Aerial Film.Eclipse prod21

Apex Aerial film scanner.

NextScan is the world leader in cutting edge technology for the micrographics conversion and document management industry.

Introducing Apex by nextScan, a revolutionary scanner for processing aerial film at an incredible rate of speed. A scanner created to convert the world’s collection of aerial roll film archives into digital formats.


Aerial Film Capable

Capable of converting large, wide-format film rolls from 70mm to 260mm wide at a rate of two inches per second or 10 feet a minute, Apex has drastically decreased the conversion time required to digitize aerial film and other wide format films.

Precision and Detail

Most remarkable is the precision of the Apex scanner, achieving incredible detail down to a 4-micron spot size (human hair is between 17um to 180um). This level of detail allows for incredible scanning detail resulting in an incredible amount of data.

NextScan Performance

When scanning 10 inch film the Apex captures 819,000,000 pixels per second which, in capturing 12-bits of data, generates 1.53 gigabytes of data per second. That is equivalent of filling a Blu-Ray DVD every two seconds.

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