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Comprehensive range of A2 Planetary Scanners
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The all-in-one planetary ElarScan A2 planetary scanners are a range of unique low investment universal scanners for books and flat images; all of your digitizing needs. Whether for producing digital copies, for digitization of archival collections, or as a self-service kiosk for students or patrons.

The fast and friendly ElarScan A2 scanners are your full-featured professional partner 

All ElarScan scanners include V & Flat cradle and fully featured ScanImage software with built-in PC.  

Which ElarSCAN A2 Book Scanner is right for you?

A2-400 - 3 models

item 5  item 6 1  item 1

A2-400 Base model
with integrated 3-Zone lighting
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Designed as a self service
walk up unit
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 A2-400 (600) KS
Semi automatic scanning with flip up flattening glass
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A2-R and RA - 2 models

 scan2 r  scan2 ra
 A2-400 R
Manual with interchangeable glasses
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 A2-400 RA
Semi Automatic with interchangeable glasses
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A2-450 (650) KS

 new elar 450
 A2-450 (650) Floor models with deep motorized cradle
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CLICK HERE for details of the A1 model - Oversized up to A1 

For more information refer to https://www.elarscan.com/uk/

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