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A1 Planetary Scanners for large books and flat originals (A0 Option)
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Economic full integrated professional planetary scanning solutions for large books and flat originals up to A1+ (900 x 600 mm) with the option to scan up to A0 (1189 x 841mm).

All of the ElarScan scanners use their own ScanImage software and the A1 units have a 4-segment lighting system that can provide uniform illumination, as well as transmitting the texture and artistic features of the originals.

The fast and friendly ElarScan Book Scanners are your full-featured professional partner and the A1 models are ideal for large books, newspapers, registers, albums, maps, paintings and much more...

Which ElarScan A1 Planetary Scanner is right for you?

ElarScan A1

 elarscanA1v new 02 1

 A1 Universal Large Format contactless scanner
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A1 600 KS

 a1 600 new anons

 A1-600 KS Floor model with deep motorized cradle
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For more information refer to https://www.elarscan.com/uk/ 

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