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BookDrive N


The Modern-Day Copy Stand - For the Discerning Archivists


A versatile, flat-plane cradle scanner for A2-sized materials.
The BookDrive N is great for scanning sheet materials such as artwork, maps, photos, journals, and newspapers.

The Story of BookDrive Nbookdrive n

The BookDrive N was originally developed for a large-scale project in Japan where its national library (National Diet Library) wanted to scan the nation’s collections of invaluable items such as journals and other materials with great cultural value, the project was very successful.
At first, Atiz were hesitant to release this model to market because Atiz has always been known as maker of V-shaped scanners and did not want to change those perceptions.  However due to demand from the customers, they finally decided to make BookDrive N available for those who need to scan such materials and will benefit from having a versatile scanner like BookDrive N.


The Smart Versatile Cradle

adjustable cradle ergonomic design from atiz vertical moving glass for thick materials
Adjustable Cradle
Ergonomic Design
Vertical Moving Glass


The adjustable cradle has a smart mechanism inside that automatically balances content on the left side and right side     so that both sides appear even on the top surface


The glass platen is fingertip light.  The BookDrive N has an ergonomic design that is very comfortable to operate over a long period.


The glass can be freely moved vertically to accommodate very thick materials and to provide gentle flattening effect on both thin materials such as sheets of paper as well as thick old delicate books

 Capture N softwarespread double page scan

The BookDrive N comes with dedicated software for single camera imaging, including built-in editing functions that you would need, such as single crop, dual crop, page splitting, etc. You can configure camera settings from within the software.  It is a complete fully functional software application, requiring no additional software.


You can scan a double-page spread from a book, magazine, or a map easily

as large as a2 1

Larger than A2 size

Max page size support for BookDrive N is 17.5 x 25.3 inches (or 44.5 x 64.5 cm) which is slightly larger than

A2 size (16.53 x 23.39 inches or 42 x 59.4 cm).



max resolution 2Scanned with a 50.6 MP sensor (Canon 5DS)max resolution

Scanning with an ultra-high resolution camera is instantaneous regardless of page size.

In the future cameras can be upgraded to newer, better and lower priced models, making the system futureproof.


Better Camera Support

Designed from the ground up to support both Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras, both zoom lenses and prime lenses.
Conveniently slide your camera to the suggested position and begin shooting, your camera will be at the right distance and height perfectly matching the size of the item you intend to scan.

Use the latest ultra-high resolution cameras such as Canon EOS 5DS (50.6 Megapixel) or Nikon D810 (36.3 Megapixel) to digitize large materials in A2 size. You will get over 350 high dpi (native, non-interpolaced) for A2 size or over 700 dpi for A4!
This is more than high enough for any preservation work.
Both hardware and software of the Atiz solutions are designed to supports this

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