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BookDrive Mark2 Lite


The latest ultimate ATIZ Book Scanner technology

High productivity book scanning - supports Canon EOS digital cameras - and now Nikon

Mark 2 Lite 300d

Meet BookDrive Mark 2 Lite, our latest addition to the successful BookDrive Scanners and a smaller version of the Mark2.

Years of research and close collaboration with technical specialists has resulted in a scanner that is superior to others in almost every way.

With BookDrive Mark 2, you will be able to create images that meet among the highest, most stringent digitization and preservation standards.

The Industry Standard

BookDrive has become an industry standard of how libraries around the world digitize their books.
It is a dual-camera ā€œVā€ cradle imaging system for capturing images of books and other print material, including bound volumes, without risk of damage to the items being scanned.
This scanning solution was pioneered by Atiz and has become so successful that it is embraced even by competitors.

Superior ergonomics, comfort and safetyMark 2 Lite 300c

Ergonomics, operator comfort and safety have received a major upgrade.
BookDrive Mark2 Lite is easier on your eyes and ears.

No direct light facing toward users.
The lighting is expertly designed so that not only will it produce much better images, but more importantly, the light will not shine directly or bounce off the glass into the operator's eyes. Lighting dims when turned off

Cool and silent operation.
The new fan-less LED design ensure the operation stays cool and silent the whole time creating a pleasant work environment.
Suitable for use in a library and office.

The 'V'System gets a major upgrade

The new V cradle is has a non slip surface for easy setup.
This makes for optimal page contact for all kinds of book bindings.
The self-centering cradle slides sideways during scanning keeping the books centered.

New V platen mechanics allow for the operator better control of the platen to mitigate risk of operator injury or damage to items being digitized.
It is fingertip light to lift or lower. The platen hovers in the air and stays exactly where you position it.

Perfect Light Design for Greater Image Quality

Better image quality backed up by stats.
Even light distribution with no bright or dark spot visible anywhere in the frame.
Supreme sharpness
Brighter light equivalent to 2 stop speed shutter (compared with BookDrive Pro) and extra sharpness is achieved.

Better Camera Supportultra high resolution 50.6m

Designed from the ground up to support both Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras, both zoom lenses and prime lenses.
Conveniently slide your camera to the suggested position and begin shooting, your camera will be at the right distance and height perfectly matching the size of the item you intend to scan.

You can use the latest ultra-high resolution cameras such as Canon EOS 5DS (50.6 Megapixel) or Nikon D810 (36.3 Megapixel) to digitize large materials in A2 size. You will get over 350 high dpi (native, non-interpolaced) for A2 size or over 700 dpi for A4!
This is more than high enough for any preservation work.
Both hardware and software of Atiz solution handily supports this

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