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 ET16 Plus


Affordable Overhead Book Scanner - up to A3


czuruket16intro1The ET16 Plus is an entry level book scanner designed to rapidly capture books and bound documents up to A3.
Books can be digitised and quickly processed into multipage documents.

The ET16 Plus is suitable for many organisations including; Libraries, Government, Legal and Finance corporations.
Rare and precious books can be captured and digitised, historical documents can be electronically captured and stored. ET16 Plus is also available to be used as a visual presenter.

The system is supplied complete with integrated camera, lighting and software.

Flexible connectivity

The ET16 Plus has a number of ways to allow you to use whatever the application

  • Using the USB port to capture to your local PC
  • Using the built in WiFi the ET16 Plus can scan to the Czur Cloud.
  • A built in HDMI interface allows you to connect and use as a visual presenter.


The ET16 Plus captures a full open image using a single 16MP video cameras.
Books lay flat on a mat and you use the capture switch to capture the open book.
If you need to support the book then consider the M3000 which includes a V-cradle.

Smart - includes OCR

All will be done automatically with Czurtek intelligent software.
Distortion correction, page extraction, background noise removal etc. are all included in the software which can detect page edges and the amount of curvature on the page and automatically correct this flattening the pages, resulting in clean, cropped legible pages.
It can even remove finger tips captured in images if used to hold pages down whilst capturing.
The software includes OCR (Optical Character Recognition) allowing you to process to a searchable document.

Low cost

The ET16 Plus is one of the lowest priced A3 scanning systems designed specifically for capturing books and bound documents.

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