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The all new HD Ultra X 6000 series.

Faster. Wider. Ultra-Wide Reinvented. The best Contex Scanner EVER !!!

HD Ultra X 6000 is the widest and fastest CCD scanner the world has ever seen.
With advanced technology and special made Fujifilm lenses, you get a next-to-perfect colour match and crystal clear scans at an extremely high pace.
This scanner is without a doubt the most productive large format scanner ever.

HD Ultra X 6000 standalone

Key featuresHD Ultra X 6000 Contex AIO

  • Scan at up to 17.8 ips in 200 dpi RGB Colour
  • 60-inch width for those really wide originals
  • Custom made Fujifilm lenses ensuring high-quality scans
  • An instant-ON feature which saves time and reduces your electricity bill
  • Automatic width-detection - no need for selecting sizes
  • Optimised thickness adjustment controller (OTAC) allows almost any original to be scanner
  • 3-level speed adjustment to match your workflow
  • Save your scans directly to a memory stick using the high-speed USB 3.0 interface
  • Scan up to 1054 scans per hour
  • 1 GB extreme buffer allows you to feed the scanner as fast as you can
  • New, free touchless glass system reduces maintenance and downtime
  • Copy your originals directly to the most popular large format printers using integrated printer drivers
  • Scan papers, Mylar, polyester, canvas, card, water colours, fabric and so on, with a maximum focus-ability up to 7 mm (0.28 inches)

The Widest and Fastest CCD Scanner - EVER.

  • The HD Ultra X 6000 has a full 60-inch scan width so is the widest CCD scanner ever produced
  • Connect using Contex USB3 with xDTR3 you can scan 200dpi RGB Colour at a blistering speed of 17.8ips.
  • Connecting to the network directly you can use the very latest xDTR 2.5 transfer technology giving up to 60% faster transfer rate
  • 1GB buffer eliminates scanner pausing. Maintain your scan speeds and meet those deadlines.GB

Best ever scan qualityLens

  • The new HD Ultra X 6000 uses the latest CCD Technology - with 7 x Quadlinear CCD arrays and Contex specially designed Fujifilm lenses with the very latest Contex Perfect Light using LED technology which gives 7mm depth of focus for the most demanding originals.

Touchless Glass, True Size Detection, OTAC - Optimal Thick Adjustment Control

  • TouchlessGlass1With a new design of the white background pressure plate - the pressure point is out of t

    he scanning line so reduced maintenance costs from replacing worn scanner glass and reduced downtime from fitting or waiting for new scan glass replacement.
  • The HD Ultra X 6000 uses the new Contex True Size detection. No more backwards and forwards movement of document while feeding it into the scanner. Just load and scan.
  • With one press of a lever, instantly raise and lower the OTAC to suit the required media thickness.
  • The Feather Pressure Adjustment is also included on the HD Ultra X 6000.

The HD Ultra X 6000 replaces...

  • Contex HD5450 Scanner
  • Contex Magnum Scanners
  • ALL Ultra-Wide Scanners.
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