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Designed for;

  • High-productivity archiving teams,
  • Scanning professionals
  • and Reprographics departments

HD Ultra delivers the best quality image in the world today.No matter whether you scan maps, drawings, posters or fine art, you’ll always capture every detail, on the first try.


Delivers the best quality image in the world today.

No matter whether you scan maps, drawings, posters or fine art, you’ll always capture every detail, on the first try.
Choose between 36 or 42 inches width, each in three different configurations to fit your needs for productivity and image quality.
A ScanStation version is also available.

Uses Fujifilm lensesFujifilm lenses 600

Like photography, scanned image quality depends heavily on lens quality.
Using lenses that are specifically designed for the scanning resolution will ensure against various problems, from uneven sharpness to chromatic errors and colour fringing (black lines show up in colour).
This is why Contex uses custom Fujifilm lenses in all CCD based scanners.

Contex Natural Light

The light source is custom fluorescent with a high Color Rendering Index (CRI > 95) to produce the most accurate colours possible.
The CCD itself is high resolution and capable of capturing 48-bit color, but Contex have the unique ability to process the entire 48-bit colour data - resulting in the most accurate colour images you can get from a scanner today.

Thick media scanning with patented ATAC

With the HD Ultra you can scan media with a thickness up to 15 mm in same high quality without damaging the originals. Using the patented ATAC (Automated Thicknes Adjustment Control) on the HD Ultra scanner you adjust the height automatically by pressing the media thickness buttons. The ATAC ensures fast and accurate thick media scanning.

The HD Ultra replaces...

The HD Ultra scanners are available as 36-inch and 42-inch models and replace;

  • Contex 36-inch scanners: Cougar 36 / Cougar Tx36 / Chameleon 36 / Chameleon Tx36 / Hawkeye Cx36 / Hawkeye G36
  • Contex 40 and 42-inch scanners: Crystal XL42 / Crystal Tx40 / Chroma XL42 / Chroma Tx40
  • Vidar equivalent OEM scanners, Oce OEM scanners, HP DesignJet OEM scanners.
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