Remote control your large format scanner.

Scan from your smart device

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Any rainforest365 compatible Contex scanner can send documents directly to your preferred destinations.
rainforest365 does not require a PC. Instead it simply utilizes your smart phone or tablet to control the process.
Load the document, scan the QR code, and send the document directly to your desired destination.

Get images where you need them

Your rainforest365 compatible Contex scanner works the way you work.
The only choice you have to make, is where you need the documents - rainforest365 handles the rest.
rainforest365 can deliver images by e-mail, directly into your DropBox and print to any of your HP ePrint enabled printers.




rainforest365 is an iOS App and a Web App

rainforest365 is available from the Apple App Store as a free download.
Scan the QR code on the scanner with your iPhone or iPad and download the app.
As a Web App rainforest365 is supported on any smartphone or tablet with a QR reader and a browser.

rainforest365 is secure

rainforest365 includes a new pending patent that ensures a secure method for QR codes and Web Interfaces.
rainforest365 will only allow you to scan if you are in front of the scanner.

Try it now - Scan the QR code below.


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