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Innovative approach to Book Scanners                                                                              Click for the Atiz Video page

Atiz’s innovative approach utilizes high performance digital SLR (DSLR) cameras as capture devices, making BookDrive Scanners the best value proposition in the industry, never becoming obsolete. When new, improved camera models become available, users need only to replace their cameras — not the entire scanning system.

The BookDrive range consists of 3 V Cradle models and one Flat Copy Stand Model.

  • Mini 2 gives BookDrive power and performance in a compact size with book page size over A4.
  • Mark 2 Lite was introduced to compliment the success of the Mark 2 but as a smaller double A3 version.
  • Mark2 has the ability to scan oversized books up to A2 page size, newspapers and heavy, cumbersome items such as deed registries.
  • BookDrive 'N' is a Flat - single camera solution - when the original can be opened fully and is supported by an adjustable cradle.

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Designed in detail to meet your needs

As the world's largest developer and producer of large format imaging solutions, Contex leads the market with innovative technology and advanced scan and copy software file

Contex has the largest installed customer base and the quality product line-up that can only come from understanding those customers and their needs. No matter what you plan to do with the scanner, or which criteria is most important to you, we have a solution for your needs. 

The Contex range includes SD One+, SD One MF, IQ Quattro, IQ Quattro X and HD Ultra X series scanners and associated solutions.
The IQ FLEX A2 Flatbed scanner gives a solution when documents cannot be fed.Ready for Windows 10

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ContexLogoprovides a range of professional Scanner solutions to ensure that you find a combination that suits your workflow - from occasional walk-up copying, printing and scanning in the office, to high-volume operator-driven services in reprographic departments, copy shops and printing and scanning service centres.

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Affordable Book Scanners

The Czur book scanners allow for fast capture of books using three types of design;

  • ET16 Plus - Single overhead 16MP camera to capture books, magazines and also works as a visual presenter.
  • ET18 Pro - Single overhead 18MP camera to capture books, magazines and also works as a visual presenter.
  • M3000 Pro - V Cradle with Single 20MP camera for fast capture of all types of books.

Elarscan logo   ElarScan A2 and A1 Planetary Scanners

Professional * Economical * User Friendly

The all-in-one planetary ElarScan Book Scanners are unique low investment universal scanners for your digitizing needs.

Whether for producing digital copies of books or flat originals, for digitization of archival collections, or as a self-service kiosk for students or patrons.

The fast and friendly ElarScan A2 and A1 Scanners are your fully-featured professional partner.

nextScan logo new     MicroFilm and Fiche Production Scanners

Ultimate Production Scanners for Microfilm and Fiche

NextScan is the world leader in manufacturing Production Microfilm and Fiche scanners;

  • NEW FlexView - True archival film scanning and on-demand viewing in a cost efficient, easy-to-use design.
  • Eclipse - The Eclipse Production Level Rollfilm scanner family with NextStar High Performance Workflow Software.
  • FlexScan - The Flexible Scanning Solution for Production Conversion of Microfiche, Aperture Cards and Roll Film.

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M-Files Document & Enterprise Content Management Solutions
Allied Images - the UK's premier M-Files reseller

See why thousands of organizations in over 100 countries trust M-Files Document and Enterprise Content Management Solutions.

Our easy document and enterprise content management system meets your business' unique needs without requiring expensive setup and time-consuming training – the way IT should be.
Boost your organization's productivity while decreasing your risk with M-Files.

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Kurabo A1Atiz Pro

Allied Images are scanner specialists and suppliers of large format and specialist scanners.

We also offer a specialist scanning service using our extensive range of document fed, flatbed and book scanners.

Large Format Scanning // Specialist Book Scanning