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ElarScan A2 Book Scanner

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The all-in-one planetary ElarScan is a unique low investment universal scanner for your digitizing needs.
Whether for producing digital copies, for digitization of archival collections, or as a self-service kiosk for students or patrons.
The fast and friendly ElarScan A2 is your full-featured professional partner!

Why the ElarSCAN A2 Book Scanner?ElarScan A2 2019 flat glass 1

  • The only professional planetary book scanner on the market made by a specialized document digitization company with in-depth scanning experience.
  • Dream scanner drawing on 20+ years of expertise in production scanning of heritage books, archive folders, newspapers, museum artifacts, etc.
  • Simple and user-friendly: so simple that it can be used as a self-scanning / walk-up kiosk by visitors to libraries, universities and public service centres.
  • All-in-one and ready to use: no specialized skills or computer needed, integrated control / image processing software included.
  • Affordable price: low-investment scanner that offers great value for money without compromising quality;ElarScan A2 2019 flat glass
  • no third-party proprietary HW or SW used

For more information refer to www.elarscan.co.uk


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